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New CDs for Spring 2017

Special Offer!

For a limited period, two new CDs by Daryl Runswick, to be released on 12/05/17, are available to order together at the special price of £20.

Not only does ordering these CDs together save you £5 on the usual price, but you can also save £5 on your ticket to Daryl's 70th Birthday Gala Concert at Cadogan Hall on 06/06/2017.

dot music CD The Jazz Years CD

dot music / The Jazz Years £20

Special CD package offer

dot music / The Jazz Years £20

Special CD package offer and concert ticket reduction (you will be emailed a code to quote at the Cadogan Hall Box Office)


dot music - Daryl Runswick (PFCD057)

Performed by Tony Hymas, piano

dot music CD

Daryl Runswick has composed for the piano all his life. This CD contains four major works spanning his whole career, from 'Introduction and Fugue in B minor' written in 1967, when Daryl was 20, to 'Six Studies on b-o-u-l-e-z' from his 70th year, composed in response to Pierre Boulez’s death in January 2016. Tony Hymas has been Daryl’s colleague and friend almost as long: they met in 1971 in John Dankworth and Cleo Laine’s backing group. Tony is a world virtuoso in all keyboard styles.

The Jazz Years - Daryl Runswick (ASCCD167/68)

Double CD

dot music CD

The late 1960s and the '70s were a period when Daryl Runswick’s multi-faceted career included a stint as a virtuoso jazz bass player: he could be heard both at Ronnie Scott’s and on recordings accompanying such luminaries as Ornette Coleman, Phil Woods, Jon Hendricks, Blossom Dearie, Eddie Harris, Al Haig, Ray Russell, John Taylor and of course Cleo Laine and John Dankworth, with whom he stayed for 13 years. His own groups, presented here, were no less star-studded. A rare treat is also included: Daryl’s solo performance (singing and playing) of 'Song of the Double Bass Player' with lyric by Clive James.

Akallabêth and other Tolkien works (PFCD059) £12.50

Composed by Paul Corfield Godfrey

This is the first recording completely devoted to the music of Paul Corfield Godfrey, and concentrates on pieces associated with his setting of epic scenes from J R R Tolkien’s unfinished work The Silmarillion, the largest-scale musical work written in Wales in the twentieth century. The composer was born in London and after a period of residence in Ireland now lives in Wales, studying at various times with Alan Bush and David Wynne. His compositions include four symphonies: various orchestral, chamber and instrumental works: songs and choral works: and operas, including The Dialogues of Óisin and Saint Patric and Arcturus, both performed in Cardiff and elsewhere.

The recording comes from sessions held in Hereford in November 2016, in excellent sound and with a marvellous team of young performers including Adam Jondelius (baritone), Connor Fogel (piano), Andrew Henley (tenor) and Tara McSwiney (soprano). The disc includes seven songs to words by J R R Tolkien, two instrumental pieces inspired by episodes in The Silmarillion, and the first complete performance of the song cycle Mysteries of Time which includes a number of musical references to Tolkien.

Reviewing performances by Adam Jondelius of some of these songs earlier in the same year, Gwynn Parry-Jones on MusicWeb International commented: “Godfrey has long been an admirer of [Tolkien]’s works; he has set many of them to music, including an entire operatic cycle based on the stories of The Silmarillion. I earnestly hope we’ll see these staged one fine day; apart from anything else it would be a welcome corrective to those Peter Jackson movies. The Song of the Wanderer begins ‘Roads go ever ever on, under rock and under tree’, to which Godfrey responds with an undulating vocal line that perfectly reflects the poetic idea. Along the way, there are magical touches, such as the dark shift of harmony at the words ‘under mountains in the moon’. Jondelius’s supple tones were perfect for this evocative number, and the expressive postlude for the piano was beautifully played. The Song of the Prisoner (‘In Western lands beneath the sun’) came as a complete contrast, the singer sometimes using a parlando style of utterance, and the piano setting the scene with dark, heavy chords.” Of the same performance, Brian Newbould also commented: “I did enjoy your songs - though from the limited perspective of the page-turner's chair, I couldn't see the words and was of course focussed intermittently on the approach of the next page-turn. But at least I found your musical language spoke to me and I would have welcomed the opportunity to listen from the audience perspective.”

Regarding the setting of The seven woods of Coole from Mysteries of Time, Gwyn Parry-Jones said: “Yeats’s words sing out all by themselves, and Godfrey has clearly been inspired to a passionate statement. Starting low down in the baritone voice, the melodic line achieves great power of declamation, borne along on thrilling waves of piano arpeggios. And, as in the Tolkien songs, there is a deliciously elusive ending – soft, dense chords at the bottom of the piano, the final one quietly affirmative. This is a composer of considerable gifts, who chooses wonderful texts and has a rich understanding of the human voice and its capacities. It is enormously frustrating that none of this music is to my knowledge as yet in the recorded catalogue. I just hope an enterprising company will soon find the opportunity to correct that situation.” Well, here it is.

Seeds of Time - Meditations for piano (PFCD056) £12.50

Composed by Mark Darvill-Evans - Performed by Siwan Rhys

Forgotten Kisses
Branches Overhead
Moonlight on Roses
Hide & Seek

The release of 'Seeds of Time – Meditations for Piano', introduces the listener to the music of composer Mark Darvill-Evans, most for the very first time. These fourteen inspiring and thought provoking pieces are performed by Siwan Rhys, who has worked closely with the composer to realise his vision in getting his music recorded.

This haunting music has gained early accolades for its beautifully simple form and delicacy:

‘Absorbing and elegant music, beautifully played’ Nick Mason, Pink Floyd
‘A hypnotic and Zen-like quality which really keeps one involved’ Piers Lane AO, pianist
‘A beautiful piece – the sounds kiss the air’ Resonance FM

More information, video interviews, alternative versions and updates are available at

"I would like to thank Steve Plews, John Cronin, Phil Hardman, Jane Darvill-Evans, Tim Parry, Matleena Lilja, Ian Robertson and the Turner Sims Hall. I would also like to thank Charlotte Smith and Robert Szymanak for their support."
Mark Darvill-Evans.

From My Beloved Country (PFCD055) £12.50

New South African piano music
Renée Reznek - piano

"On 'From My Beloved Country' Renée Reznek serves up honesty, celebration and reflection in equal measure. The result is charming, thoroughly enjoyable and refreshing." Adam Fergler review

NEO MUYANGA Hade, TaTa (Sorry Father) - 2013
KEVIN VOLANS PMB Impromptu - 2014
KEVIN VOLANS Garden of Forking Paths - 2014
MICHAEL BLAKE Broken Line - 2015
MICHAEL BLAKE Seventh Must Fall - 2016
ROB FOKKENS Five Miniatures - 2007
HENDRIK HOFMEYR Partita Africana I. Preludio II. Umsindo - 2006
PETER KLATZOW Barcarolle (Arnold Schoenberg in Venice) - 2005
DAVID EARL Song Without Words - 2014
DAVID EARL Barcarolle - 2014
DAVID KOSVINER Mbira Melody II - 2016

Renée Reznek commissioned 'Hade Tata' from Neo Muyanga in honour of Nelson Mandela and to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the first democratic elections in South Africa. Born in Soweto, heir to a long line of musicians, Muyanga composed a compelling programmatic piece which draws on traditional Sesotho and Zulu music fused with Ethiopian melismatic style, jazz and western classical music.

'PMB Impromptu' by internationally renowned composer Kevin Volans celebrates a shared birthplace, referencing both African and Western European traditions, sometimes humorously. Having studied with Karlheinz Stockhausen, also acting as his teaching assistant, Volans’ striking pianism is complex in its origins and technically challenging, whilst thoroughly economic in means. In contrast 'A Garden of Forking Paths' proceeds at a mesmeric, meditative pace.

Michael Blake’s 'Broken Line' is influenced by Eastern Cape bow music and exudes a vitality which evokes Africa. However this is composition which ultimately strikes one as global. In this Blake is similar to both Volans and Robert Fokkens whose delicately minimalist 'Five Miniatures' also relate to Xhosa bow traditions as well as Western European style. Blake’s 'Seventh Must Fall' is equally minimalist, a moving response to protests which continue at South African Universities.

Hendrik Hofmeyr is an Afrikaans composer who went into voluntary exile, only returning to South Africa at the end of apartheid. The inclusion of fragments of San music add a certain pathos to the vast landscape of the 'Preludio' from 'Partita Africana'. The evocative 'Umsindo' is evidence of the effective pianism of Hofmeyr’s writing.

David Kosviner’s joyous 'Mbira Melody II' is reminiscent of kalimba music across the continent, a captivating piece which is immediately accessible.

The other works on the CD are not African in origin but exemplify the influence of Western European music on composers Peter Klatzow and David Earl. Klatzow’s deeply imagined 'Barcarolle' quotes from Schoenberg whilst Earl’s atmospheric 'Barcarolle' shows a highly chromatic tonality. The melodious and nostalgic 'Song Without Words' was composed as a wedding gift.

The acclaimed pianist Renée Reznek was born in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa but settled in London after making a successful South Bank debut with the Park Lane Group. She specialises in playing music from the 20th and 21st centuries, giving many outstanding first performances of works composed for her.

A graduate of the University of Cape Town, she holds two Masters degrees in Piano performance and Music history from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Having taught at Cambridge University for many years, she combines private teaching with giving recitals, including concert tours of South Africa.

Renée Reznek’s London recitals have twice been cited as amongst the best of the year in the Financial Times and Music and Opera review. Her Wigmore Hall concert of the complete piano works of the Second Viennese School was much praised.

“ A fascinating and distinguished recital ... an artist of scrupulous sensitivity and intelligence.” The Daily Telegraph

The Rules - Larry Goves(PFNSCD008)

National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain

Also available as a Prima facie download for £4 (MP3, 320kbs):

1. Transforming patterns // Superposition // Families and cliques
2. Lines // Autonomy // Solitude
3. Canon X // Conjunction fallacies // Facebook etiquette
4. Adaption // Hooke’s Law // Schemes
5. Echoes & resonance // Gravitation // for remembrance

Stephen Plews, head of Prima Facie Records, writes:
"Last year I was delighted to meet Manchester-based composer Larry Goves. He mentioned that the BBC had recorded his substantial work 'The Rules', which had been commissioned by NYO. He sent me the recording. I was astounded and said 'let's release it'. Larry pointed out that it's only 22 minutes long; 'so it's an EP' I said. I then had to obtain a variety of permissions to use the recording, but everyone along the way was positive, so thanks to the BBC, thanks to the RVW Trust, massive thanks to NYO and Sarah Alexander and particularly thanks to Larry Goves - great composer, a great future, thanks for letting PF release this amazing work."

Though only commissioned in 2014, you could say Larry Goves’ new piece for the orchestra has been brewing since 2009 when he came aboard to coach the NYO’s young composers. Since then, having this cosmic orchestra close by has surely given Larry food for thought. He says "the starting point was: what might it take to update Young Person’s Guide To The Orchestra for the NYO? Having worked with them several years, I know the orchestra’s far too clever for me to serve them something straightforward; when it comes to that particular piece, they would all be able to use it to teach me.’ Instead, Larry wanted to write something respectful of today’s players, feeding their voracious appetite for challenge and virtuosity, giving them almost an adventure playground in which to explore the conventions, rites and rules of orchestral music-making."

Larry Goves is a composer and teacher based in Manchester. As a composer his music has been performed internationally by The National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain, The London Sinfonietta, The Nash Ensemble, The London Symphony Orchestra, The BBC Philharmonic, The Hallé, Psappha, 175 East, L’Instant Donné, BIT20, Divertimento Ensemble, The Britten Sinfonia, Oliver Coates, Sarah Nicolls and many others. His music has been broadcast on BBC Radio 3, BBC Radio 6 Music, New Zealand’s Concert FM, New York’s WQXR and other radio stations around the world.

The National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain (NYO) is the world’s greatest orchestra of teenagers. Founded in 1948 to provide orchestral performance opportunities for the brightest and most committed musicians between the ages of 13 and 19 and with an average age of just 16, no other orchestra in the world has consistently achieved such brilliance in performance with such young musicians. Many of the UK's greatest musicians, past and present, are NYO alumni, including Sir Simon Rattle, Sir Mark Elder, Judith Weir, Thomas Adès and Alison Balsom. The Orchestra’s huge, ongoing contribution to British musical life was acknowledged when it received The Queen’s Medal for Music 2012 and the Ensemble Award at the RPS Music Awards 2016.

Aztec Dances - New works for Recorder and Piano (PFCD052) £12.50

Jill Kemp recorder and Aleksander Szram piano

All the works on this disc are première recordings.

'Aztec Dances' for recorder and piano by Edward Gregson
'Garden of the Gods' by Gregory Rose
'Kemptown Races (Variations on a theme by Stephen Foster)' by David Bedford
'Dance Suite' by George King
'Cycles' by Daryl Runswick

"The works on this disc are all remarkably varied and contrasting, and are a testament to Jill Kemp's talent and her ability to inspire composers to challenge our preconceptions of what a recorder piece is." Robert Hugill

Inspiration for the works on this CD range from 16th century Aztec ceremony in Edward Gregson's Aztec Dances (2010), to an ancient Greek concert hall in Gregory Rose's Garden of the Gods (2013) and contemporary jazz forms in George King's Dance Suite (2011). Some works invite technical innovations, such as playing two recorders at once in David Bedford's Kemptown Races (2010); others introduce compositional ones, for example making the recorder and piano interlock but not synchronise in ‘accidental counterpoints’, in Daryl Runswick's Cycles (2013). In each work, the performers' virtuosity shines through, and has stimulated a wide variety of additions to the recorder–piano repertoire.

“It is exciting to hear the music being composed for the recorder now and important for players and composers (and listeners) to continue the initiative of the 20th century recorder pioneers, as Jill and Aleksander have done” - Dr Andrew Mayes

Jill Kemp is passionate about raising the recorder’s profile and proving it to be an exciting and versatile instrument. As a soloist and chamber musician, her repertoire spans seven centuries and she regularly performs new commissions. Winner of numerous prizes, in 2007 she won the Royal Over-Seas League Wind Competition, the first recorder player to do so in its 57-year history. Jill has broadcast on the BBC, Classic FM and American, Italian and Polish television. Recital venues throughout Europe, the USA and South Africa include Carnegie Hall and the Queen Elizabeth Hall. She has performed with ensembles including Red Priest, the Brodowski Quartet and the LSO.

Winner of the 2004 Vlado Perlemuter Award, Aleksander Szram enjoys a varied schedule of solo piano, concerto and chamber music performances across the world, having played in more than thirty-five countries over six continents. Aleksander was born in Southampton to Polish parents, and has been playing the piano since the age of five. He studied piano with Anthony Green and Douglas Finch at the then Trinity College of Music, continuing with Jane Coop for his DMA at the University of British Columbia. He now teaches piano and lectures in analysis and performance practice at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, London, and has also guest-lectured at the Royal Academy of Music, the Australian National Academy of Music, the Juilliard School, and the Manhattan School of Music.

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