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Return of the Nightingales: Music for Solo Piano by Sadie Harrison (PFCD072) £12.50 More details

Performed by Philippa Harrison, Duncan Honeybourne, Ian Pace and Renée Reznek

Prima Facie Records is delighted to announce the release of 'Return of the Nightingales: Music for Solo Piano' (PFCD072), featuring eight world premiere recordings of solo piano works by Sadie Harrison, composed between 2013 and 2017. The CD will be released on 17 November 2017.

‘Return of the Nightingales' is a celebration of four pianists with whom Sadie has collaborated extensively over the past decade - Philippa Harrison, Duncan Honeybourne, Ian Pace and Renée Reznek. As the majority of the pieces were premiered by these pianists, the disc is a showcase not just of Sadie’s music but also of each performer - from the hyper-virtuosity of Ian Pace in the title work, to the quirky vivacity of Philippa Harrison in Four Jazz Portraits (2014); and from Renée Reznek’s highly coloured interpretation of Par-feshani-ye ‘eshq (2013-14) to Duncan Honeybourne’s sumptuously expressive renditions of Lunae (2012) and Shadows (2013). As such, the disc offers a unique insight into a range of contemporary piano performances, an unusual contribution where the emphasis is as much on the players as the composer herself.

Sadie Harrison’s piano works are performed and broadcast all over the world, and are part of the core repertoire of many international pianists. Her music is joyfully multi-referential, acknowledging Bartók, Berg, Chopin, Debussy and jazz greats such as Evans, Waller and Monk. Sadie’s passion for the cultures of Persia and Afghanistan has also found expression in works which weave traditional folk music into starkly modernist pieces, finding news means to celebrate the diversity of musical languages across continents and centuries. The range of references in these works - boogie-woogie to 1920’s Hollywood film scores, machine-gun rattle to British folksongs, Methodist hymns to an Afghan singer’s chant - are threaded together by birdsong, which features in almost every work on the disc, an eternal music around which the pieces revolve.

Far Away (PFCD062) £12.50 More Details

Sarah Poole soprano | Derek Harris piano

An Appalachian Elegy (Frank Bayford)
Sonnet for a Summer’s Day (Tony Osborne)
Cinq Chansons de Femme (Philip Cannon)
A Spotless Rose (David Heyes)
Four Songs on Poems by Sara Teasdale (Eric Funk)
Searching for Lambs (Peter Lamb)
Far Away (David Heyes)
Evenfall (Humphrey Clucas)
John Barleycorn (John Alexander)

‘Far Away’ (PFCD062) features soprano Sarah Poole and pianist Derek Harris in an eclectic programme of late 20th and 21st-century art songs which have a special meaning for Sarah. Over the past 30 years she has collaborated with many composers, in Britain and abroad, creating a new solo repertoire for singers of today and also for the future. Sarah has a passion for new music and an interest in selecting words and texts which inspire composers to write songs which appeal to performers and audiences alike. She has premiered a wealth of new solo songs and choral repertoire over the past few years and her passion for all styles and idi- oms encompasses repertoire from the 17th century to the present day.

‘Far Away’ is a carefully selected and exciting programme which demonstrates an amazing palette of colours and musical soundscapes, encompassing evocative and inventive songs from the early 1960s to the present day.

An all-English programme, apart from the beautifully simple and evocative Four Songs on Poems by Sara Teasdale by American composer Eric Funk, features music by Frank Bayford, Tony Osborne, Philip Cannon, David Heyes, Peter Lamb, Humphrey Clucas and John Alexander.

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