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Giles Stephen
Prima Facie is the meeting of two minds - Giles Easterbrook and Stephen Plews - both known in the music industry as champions of new music. They have produced or promoted hundreds of projects, many of which have won awards or been recognised as outstanding contributions to the arts.

Prima Facie

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The Beachcomber (PFCD135) £12.50

Music by Lynne Plowman
Performed by Michael Bennett, tenor, Sandrine Chatron, harp, Oliver Cox, percussion, Owen Gunnell, percussion, James Harrison, percussion, Joanna Lam, piano, Jinny Shaw, oboe d’amore, Lucy Wakeford, harp

Two works, both composed in 2017, form the framework for this album - 'A Field Guide to Pebbles' (five short pieces for percussion duo) and 'Songs of the Sea Dreamer', a song-cycle for tenor and harp - settings of four poems by Russell Hoban.

"Huge thanks go to all the wonderful musician friends who have commissioned these pieces and contributed to this recording, with special thanks to producer Steve Plews." Lynne Plowman

Track 12, 'The Owl-Woman', is available as a FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD

The Beachcomber CD CD

  • Logs and Shells - Percussion Duo (from A Field Guide to Pebbles) 1.26
  • Fred to Samantha - Tenor and Harp (from Songs of the Sea Dreamer) 3.20
  • Pedalling Man - Percussion Duo (from A Field Guide to Pebbles) 2.30
  • Mermaid - Tenor and Harp (from Songs of the Sea Dreamer) 2.03
  • Panjangle - Percussion Duo (from A Field Guide to Pebbles) 2.54
  • The Mermaids’ Lagoon - Solo Harp 7.22
  • Lullaby for Ianto - Solo Piano 4.08
  • Harrison’s Stone - Percussion Duo (from A Field Guide to Pebbles) 2.15
  • Another set of footprints in the snow (after Debussy) - Solo Piano 3.45
  • Long, Lone - Tenor and Harp (from Songs of the Sea Dreamer) 2.34
  • Bell Patterns - Percussion Duo (from A Field Guide to Pebbles) 2.10
  • The Owl-Woman - Tenor and Harp (from Songs of the Sea Dreamer) 3.10
  • floating turning spinning - Oboe d’amore and Harp 6.44
  • Rain - Percussion Duo 3.03

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Prima Facie

Out Now

Symphony No. 1 (PFCD136) £6.50

Composed by Michael Csányi-Wills
Performed by Cardiff University Symphony Orchestra - Conductor Mark Eager

Prima Facie is pleased to announce the third release in its collaboration with Cardiff University Symphony Orchestra and conductor Mark Eager. The disc features the world premiere of Michael Csányi-Wills’ moving and masterly Symphony No. 1, commissioned by Mark Eager for performance with this orchestra.

Symphony No. 1 CD

  1. Andantino 8.10
  2. Scherzo 5.44
  3. Sarabande 12.38
  4. Con Moto 8.51

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Prima Facie

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More Preludes to Chopin (PFCD134) £12.50

Kenneth Hamilton - piano
An Official Classical Chart top 10 recording
Selected by Spotify as a 'very best Classical new release'

"Here is a release that stands out from the crowds by a country mile. Well recorded, played with real mastery, and including fabulously but unsurprisingly eloquent notes from Hamilton himself, any lover of Chopin’s music - and indeed of piano playing - should acquire this urgently." Colin Clarke, Fanfare

Following his extremely popular and critically acclaimed 'Preludes to Chopin', Prima Facie presents 'More Preludes to Chopin', a remarkable and thought-provoking new CD by Kenneth Hamilton, as the latest release in its Heritage series. This new recording features a strikingly eloquent later version of Chopin’s famous Nocturne op.9 no.2 using the composer’s personal variants, an epic rendition of the dramatic C minor Nocturne inspired by Chopin’s own interpretative advice to his students, and a gripping performance of the great Polonaise-Fantasy. The CD is accompanied by Hamilton’s fascinating notes on the pieces and their performance history.

More Preludes to chopin CD

  1. Prelude in C-minor, op.28 no.20 (1’38”)
  2. Nocturne in C-minor, op.48 no.1 (5’58”)
  3. Prelude in E-minor, op.28 no.4 (1’44”)
  4. Waltz in A-minor, op.34 no.2 (4’38”)
  5. Prelude in E major, op.28 no.9 (1’04”)
  6. Polonaise-Fantasy, op.61 (13’03”)
  7. Prelude in Bb minor, op.28 no.16 (1’12”)
  8. Nocturne in Eb major, op. 55 no.2 (4”36’)
  9. Prelude Db major (Raindrop), op.28 no.15 (5’18”)
  10. Prelude in C# minor, op.28 no.10 (0’30”)
  11. Waltz in C# minor, op.64 no.2 (2’52”)
  12. Prelude in Bb major, op.28 no.21 (2’08”)
  13. Nocturne in Eb major, op. 9 no.2 (4’20”)
  14. Prelude in F major, op.28 no.23 (1’00”)
  15. Brilliant Variations on the Rondo “Je vends des scapulaires” from Ludovic, op.12 (7’37”)
  16. Prelude in C-major, op.28 no.1 (0’.50”)
  17. Ballade No.1 in G minor, op.23 (8’42”)

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Prima Facie

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The Children of Húrin (PFCD126/127) £15.00 / £20.00

Composed by Paul Corfield Godfrey and featuring Volante Opera (2-CD set)


Prima Facie Records is pleased to announce the release of 'The Children of Húrin' (complete demo recording). Following on from our successful releases of both 'Beren and Lúthien' and 'The Fall of Gondolin', Parts Two and Four of a series of “epic scenes” drawn from J R R Tolkien’s posthumous writings for The Silmarillion, Prima Facie Records in collaboration with Volante Opera Productions now presents a recording on 2 CDs of 'The Children of Húrin', the third part of Paul Corfield Godfrey’s cycle.' The Children of Húrin' was the first part of the cycle to be composed, in 1982, and employed a variety of posthumously published texts by the author with permission of the Tolkien Estate and the assistance of the late Christopher Tolkien - one of the people to whom this work is dedicated.

The Children of Húrin CD

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Prima Facie

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Anthony Powers - Complete Piano Music 1983-2003 (PFCD124/125) £15.00

Performed by Richard Casey

CD 1
Piano Sonata No. 1 (1983)
Piano Sonata no. 2 (1986)
CD 2
Vista (2003)
The Memory Room (1991)

Powers Complete Piano Music CD

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Kenneth Hamilton
Kenneth Hamilton


Kenneth Hamilton radio interview

More Preludes to Chopin CD
Prima Facie artist Kenneth Hamilton is featured on the US radio show 'Conducting Conversations', discussing his new CD 'More Preludes to Chopin'. The show features music from the CD and discusses Kenneth's career.​Listen here:

Free download

Now, O now, I needs must part
In response to many requests, Prima Facie is proud to release in advance Kenneth Hamilton’s wonderful performance of John Dowland’s 'Now, O now, I needs must part' in the arrangement by Percy Grainger, as featured in Hamilton's "revelatory" and "touching" (Sir Nicholas Kenyon, The Observer) recent BBC Radio 3 broadcast The Essay. The track will also feature in the album 'Romantic Piano Encores', to appear later this year. Download 'Now, O now, I needs must part' here:
Free MP3 Download

Coming soon

The Heart Flies Upward (PFCD137)
Heart Flies Upwards CD
'The Heart Flies Upward' is the second Prima Facie release (following Seeds of Time) by Classical Crossover composer Mark Darvill-Evans, a UK-based composer whose music fuses a variety of styles, blending aspects of classical music and progressive rock with rhythmic and structural nuances found in contemporary jazz. Wordwide and download / streaming release on 30.10.20 - CD available now from Prima Facie.

Coming soon

Contemporary Piano Soundbites (PFCD140)
Piano Soundbites CD
'Contemporary Piano Soundbites' features pieces specially composed during lockdown by some of our leading composers, performed by Duncan Honeybourne. Wordwide and download / streaming release on 06/11/2020 - CD available now from Prima Facie.

Coming soon

As My Harp Sang Out of Darkness (PFCD139)
As My Harp Sang Out of Darkness CD
Jane Ford performs arrangements for Celtic Harp by Ronald Stevenson. Wordwide and download / streaming release on 06/11/2020 - CD available now from Prima Facie.


John Joubert piano Music
Reviews for The Piano Music of John Joubert:
"(Joubert’s complete piano music) is featured here in glittering performances from Duncan Honeybourne… The performances are fluent and powerful, alive to the full range of Joubert’s mercurial invention." International Piano, July 2019
"These are bold piano works that have earned their place in classical music history." British Music Society Journal, 2019
"This CD is a landmark with all Joubert's piano music... Honeybourne is totally sympathetic throughout this CD - a well-recorded claim for a neglected chapter in British piano music." (*****5 stars) Musical Opinion, Jan-March 2020

Ronald Stevenson Vol 2 CD
Reviews for Kenneth Hamilton Plays Ronald Stevenson Volume 2:
"I cannot fault the wonderful performance by Kenneth Hamilton of these works. The recording is always clear and bright. The entire programme is a subtle balance between original music and arrangements which well-reflects Stevenson’s achievement." John France, Music Web International
"A well-constructed, varied recital…performed with commendable verve." Guy Rickards, International Piano Magazine

Preludes to Chopin CD
MusicWeb Recording of the Month review for On the Shoreline
"The playing on this CD is outstanding. Every piece is delivered with care, commitment and obvious enthusiasm."

Preludes to Chopin CD
Reviews for Preludes to Chopin:
"Brilliantly captures both the musical and the technical content…well judged and beautifully played." John France, Music Web International
"This recording has a uniquely special sound, which drapes the music in a round, full, Romantic tone-colour." Radio 100.7 Luxembourg
"The commercial success of this release shows how strongly audiences hunger for fresh interpretations of mainstream repertory, and a fresh interpretation is exactly what you get." James Manheim, AllMusic

Return of the Nightingales CD
Excellent reviews
for Sadie Harrison's Return of the Nightingales