From the Sleeve Notes: Andrew Mayes discusses ‘Conversations with Sir John Manduell’

“These conversations with Sir John were originally retained on twelve CDs, so selecting material to fill just five was a somewhat daunting task; surely there was someone better equipped to undertake this than I, not least because I did not know him well. But on reflection this was perhaps an advantage, as the impact of hearing him recount his intense involvement in and influence on so many aspects of music came fresh to my ears. The circumstances in which his career developed, the many important decisions that had to be made and the personalities involved, are described in fascinating detail and enlivened by some highly amusing stories on the way. What in the first instance had seemed an exercise of some magnitude turned out to be a pleasure and a privilege. I was soon enthralled, imagination fired, and both moved and entertained (sometimes laughing out loud!) by what I heard. My sincere hope is that the results have captured the conversations in a way that retains the substance and unique essence of each, and that listeners will be reminded of the remarkable man that was Sir John. My main personal regret is not having known him better.”

Andrew Mayes