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Conversations with Sir John Manduell (PFSWCD001-6) (6-CD set)


Disc 1: Conversations with Michael Berkeley

1. Composition Studies with Lennox Berkeley (8:49)
2. Ambiance of No.8 Warwick Avenue (3:05)
3. Job at the BBC (8:44)
4. Cheltenham Festival (8:54)
5. Own Compositions (1:06)
6. Funding; Festivals Association (5:03)
7. Back to Own Compositions (1:45)
8. Royal Opera House (13:27)
9. BBC Early Days (7:14)
Recorded on 2nd February 2006

Disc 2: Conversations with John Turner

1. Childhood (13:35)
2. Cambridge (2:51)
3. First Jobs in South Africa (8:47)
4. PRS Scholarship (5:17)
5. Composition Studies (11:43)
6. Violinists at the Royal Academy (2:01)
7. First Job at the BBC (11:19)
8. Letter To The Times (14:37)
Recorded on 2nd June 2006

Disc 3: Conversations with Philip Ledger

1. First Meeting (5:41)
2. Time at the BBC (18:03)
3. More BBC Memories (13:48)
4. Statue of Chopin and Polish Ambassador (4:43)
5. Early Days at the BBC (12:33)
6. RNCM - Royal Involvement (7:04)
7. Queen and Duke of Edinburgh (2:32)
8. 1985 Sabatical - European Music Year (7:42)
9. Northern Ballet (7:48)
Recorded on 19/20th July 2005

Disc 4: Conversations with Chris Yates

1. Leaving the BBC for Lancaster (4:51)
2. Lancaster (3:26)
3. Establishment of RNCM (22:02)
4. Junior RNCM (11:36)
5. Training Orchestra (10:06)
6. Establishment of Commercial Contracts (5:07)
7. RNCM Reputation For Singing and Opera (14:07)
Recorded on 2nd June 2006

Disc 5: Conversations with Gavin Henderson

1. Arts Council; Funding (10:41)
2. Back to the 70s (16:05)
3. Festivals - Cheltenham (17:05)
4. Programming (10:20)
5. Other Involvements (4:18)
6. Chetham's School of Music (8:26)
7. European Music Year (1:52)
8. Disasters (5:01)
9. A Full Life (1:15)
Recorded on 28th February 2006

Disc 6: The Music of Sir John Manduell

1-4 Diversions
Northern Chamber Orchestra Nicholas Ward
Allegro (4:01) Andante (4:31) Scherzo (2:21) Andante-Allegro (5:04)

5 Gradi (14:48)
The New Ensemble Directed by Clark Rundell: Julia Payne (oboe); Simon Underhill (clarinet); Angharad Jones (horn); Tristan Gurney (violin); Fiona Petersen (viola).

6-8 String Trio
Jane Nossek (violin); Heather Wallington (viola); Jennifer Langridge (cello)
Moderato - Allegro Spritoso (6:57) Arioso (andante) (5:11) Allegro Moderato ma Giocoso (3:50)

7-9 Trois Chansons de la Renaissance
Renna Kellaway (piano); Henri Herford (baritone)
Mignonne, allons voir si la rose (3:30) D'un vanneur de blé aux vents (2:45) A sa dame malade (1:42)

10-12 Prayers From The Ark
Andrew Mellor (clarinet, bass clarinet); Micahel Berkeley (narrator)
The Prayer of the Goldfish (2:45) The Prayer of the Ox (2:55) The Prayer of the Elephant (2:56)

Conversations with Sir John Maduell CD

After Sir John Manduell retired as Principal of the Royal Northern College of Music in 1996, composition came to the fore, and he produced a string of imaginative and haunting works, including the Flutes (sic!) Concerto written at the behest of Kent Nagano, the Halle commission Vistas, Three Equine Sketches for String Orchestra in memory of the painter Dorothy Bradford, a string nonet (with, appropriately, a solo double bass) in memory of Ida Carroll, an Elegy for string quartet in memory of Christopher Rowland, the song cycle Into the Ark, and several shorter instrumental pieces. As his illness gradually took hold, and his ability to physically write music became more and more challenged, he was encouraged by many people (and in particular by his close friend Sir Philip Ledger) to write his autobiography. His reaction at first was in the negative, but he did agree to record several conversations with friends. This collection includes most of the material from those conversations, edited by Andrew Mayes with the collaboration of Phil Hardman in the interests of avoiding duplications. Many but by no means all of the stories you will hear in these recordings did later find written form in Sir John’s autobiography 'No Bartok before Breakfast', published in 2016, and which was written at the insistent cajoling of his wife Renna and with the invaluable secretarial and practical help of Jane Thompson. Listeners will enjoy in these discs Sir John’s inimitable voice and his wily humour, and wonder at the amazing variety of ways in which music in Britain and Europe was nourished and energised by his magnetic personality.
John Turner

Sir John Manduell

Adam Gorb
Composer and administrator Sir John Manduell (1928-2017) worked for the BBC from 1956-1968, when he became programme director of the Cheltenham Festival, a post he was to hold for twenty-five years. He was Director of Music at Lancaster University and Principal at the Royal Northern College of Music. As a composer he is highly regarded for his chamber and orchestral works.