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Cuckoo: Seven New Works for Violin (PFCD227) £12.50/£17.50

Steve Bingham, violin, performs Flanagan, Siegel, Crowther, Harrison, Riley, Speare, Alfred


1-4. Kevin Flanagan – Last Drop (07:44)

[1] I
[2] II
[3] III
[4] IV

5. Wayne Siegel – Salamander (10:59)

6. Steve Crowther – Bingham Variations (13:57)

7. Sadie Harrison – Ad Infinitum (05:47)

8-10. Colin Riley – Τhree Palindromic Pieces (10:12)

[8] Flee to me Remote Elf
[9] Eve
[10] Too Hot to Hoot

11-14. Simon Speare – Symphony 2: Re-turning (11:28)

[11] Round Robin
[12] Dusk
[13] Moon Song
[14] Dawn Chorus

15. Rowan Alfred – Cuckoo (07:41)

Total Time [67:49]

cuckoo perched on a mirror

Cuckoo is the sixth solo album from acclaimed UK violinist Steve Bingham, and consists of premiere recordings of seven pieces, all commissioned by Bingham. Utilising everything from solo acoustic violin to 6-string electric violin, loops and recorded birdsong - via electronic backing, multi-layered violins and delay effects - it’s a heady mix of styles and compositional approaches which Bingham takes in his stride, revelling not only in the differences between the works but also in the unexpected links that crop up; palindromic elements, birdsong, loss and more.

Cuckoo confirms Bingham as a truly eclectic performer, following - as it does - albums that included pop covers, the Bach D minor Partita, film music by Michael Nyman, improvisation and more. Bingham writes: “On this album I wanted to explore the juxtaposition of seemingly disparate music which is bound together by one straightforward element - the violin. The album has been possible because of the creativity of seven very talented composers, and I’m proud to have been able to record these works for the very first time.”


All tracks except track 5 recorded, mixed and mastered by Mark Fawcet of Fish Need Snorkels.
Track 5; violin recorded by Mark Fawcet, electronics recorded by Wayne Siegel, mixed by Wayne Siegel, mastered by Mark Fawcet.
Field recording on track 15 captured by Steve Bingham.
Cover art and layout by Christopher Bingham.

Steve Bingham

Steve Bingham holding a violin
Steve Bingham trained at the Royal Academy of Music in London and is a founder member of the Bingham String Quartet, with whom he has recorded and toured widely. He is also known for his unique solo recitals using a mixture of acoustic violin, electric violin and live-looping.

Steve is in demand as a recording artist and has appeared on tracks and albums with several bands and artists including No-Man (Steven Wilson & Tim Bowness), Steve Hackett, Ian Anderson, Judy Dyble, Grice, Colin Edwin, Robert Reed and more.