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The Grief Opera (PFCD230) £12.50/£17.50

Part opera, part musical; amateur and professional musicians spotlight suicide
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About The Grief Opera

Prima Facie Records are proud to support The Grief Opera, in which amateur singers, narrators and musicians are joined by pianist Vladimir Miller, and international opera star Neil Latchman and rock singer Keri Farish as lead vocalists, in a community initiative promoting Suicide Awareness. The Grief Opera is profoundly emotional, and has been described as “harrowing but ultimately uplifting”.

CD cover featuring text 'The Grief Opera; Love Goes On'.

The Grief Opera brings the power of music to grief, an understanding that love goes on. Nigel Linacre lost his son George Linacre to suicide in late 2021 and started to write the words of what would become The Grief Opera. Jazz bandleader Vladimir Miller, who had previously lost a band member to suicide, joined him, and composed the music, using some of George’s bass rhythms as a starting point, with jazz, world music and contemporary classical influences.


Recorded at St Andrews Church Chippenham, Wiltshire on 7 January and 7 October 2023.
Recorded and Produced by Steve Plews.
Lyrics by Nigel Linacre
Music by Vladimir Miller ('Rewind This Day' and 'Don't Think I've Gone' composed by Rebecca Dorsey and Vladimir Miller; 'Busy Busy' composed by Nigel Linacre and Vladimir Miller)

The Grief Ensemble

Neil Latchman vocals
Wendy Clark violin
Rebecca Dorsey vocals and spoken word
Keri Farish vocals
Nigel Linacre vocals and spoken word
Tom Linacre spoken word
Gavin Macrae vocals and spoken word
Vladimir Miller piano and vocals
Cressida Nash cello
Susan Norton cello
David Shepard clarinet
Nigel Shires bass guitar and double bass
Sara Stagg violin


Neil Latchman:
Vladimir Miller:
The Grief Opera:

Nigel Linacre

Nigel Linacre standing, reading lyrics on a music stand
Nigel Linacre is a business coach, charity leader and occasional poet who didn’t see his son’s suicide coming. George died on November 19, 2021, aged 32. His father’s need is for something good to come from his death. Nigel is co-founder and Chair of the water charity WellBoring, and was awarded the BEM in the 2023 New Year’s Honours List.

Vladimir Miller

Vladimir Miller sitting at a piano Vladimir Miller is a pianist, composer and bandleader whose bands blend Jazz, Eastern European and World influences. He currently leads his own quartet Vlad Miller and Notes from Underground. Vladimir is also the pianist, principal composer and musical director of the Moscow Composers Orchestra.