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Hywel Davies (PFCD016) Music composed by Hywel Davies £12.50

"...a well-varied calling card introducing a composer from whom I hope to hear more." Jeff Distler, Gramophone.


End Canon
Cold in the earth
Duos 1, 3, 6
Piano Piece No.23
Piano Piece No.14 :
Piano Piece No.19 (Waltz-like)
Piano Piece No.17 (Like a prelude)
Sonatas in F
Bow flurry
Apus apus part 2

Dan Carlson, David Walsh, Linling Hsu (vlns) | Sigrid Keunen (vla) | Emma Ferrand, Katrina Hunold, Will Martina, Becky Wenham (vc)
Pavao Quartet | Adam Caird (pno) | Martin Pyne (glock) | Heledd Francis-Wright (flutes) | London Flutes

Hywel Davies

Hywel Davies
Hywel Davies is a composer and sonic artist.

Music Magazine review May 2013
“An approachable survey of Davies's recent preoccupations, including white-note music. This album features engaging solo and small group pieces with ambient and minimalist elements.”