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Letters of Regret (PFCD181/2) £15

Music by David Golightly


1 Letters of Regret – Demons
2 Letters of Regret – Angel
3 Letters of Regret – Letters of Regret
4 Moods - Isolation
5 Moods - Jovialities
6 Moods - Anger
7 Moods - Loneliness
8 Moods - Desolation
9 Piano Sonata No 1 – Allegro Volante
10 Piano Sonata No 1 – Expressivo Delicato
11 Piano Sonata No 1 – Allegro Scherzando

1 Symphony No 1 (The Middleborough Symphony) – 1
2 Symphony No 1 (The Middleborough Symphony) – 2
3 Symphony No 1 (The Middleborough Symphony) – 3
4 Symphony No 1 (The Middleborough Symphony) - 4
5 Seascapes - Fire Down Below
6 Seascapes - Shenandoah
7 Seascapes - Rio Grande
8 A Weardale Portrait

Letters of Regret CD

"I met David Golightly in the mid 1990s, when he was trying to set up an organisation to represent composers in the north-west of England. He succeeded, forming the North West Composers Association, and I was honoured to be David’s right-hand man in the early days – we shared a love of contemporary music (and football). David worked tirelessly for composers in the area, putting on concerts, releasing CDs, and attracting funding for a variety of successful projects, as well as composing prolifically himself.

Sadly, David’s life was cut short in 2018. I was approached by the executors of his will, Doug and Gillian Wright, to record his fabulous piano trio, 'Letters of Regret'. This I did, with the renowned Lawson Trio, and the piece lends its title to this this double CD, capturing the essence of David’s depth and musical vitality. After the recording of 'Letters of Regret’, I decided as a tribute to put together on disc all the music I had recorded with David. It’s a stunning collection in my opinion, and I am proud to be involved in this release. I am extremely grateful to Doug and Gillian Wright, Annabelle Lawson, Monica McCabe, Steve Robson, and engineer and producer Phil Hardman, who recorded the piano trio Letters of Regret." Stephen Plews, 2022.

Letters of Regret

The Lawson Trio
Recorded at The RNCM Concert Hall July 2021 Engineered, Produced and Edited by Phil Hardman.


Roger Heaton – clarinet
Recorded at ASC Recording, January 1997. Engineered by Richard Scott. Post-production by Jeremy Pike. Produced by Stephen Plews and David Golightly. Originally released on ASC CS CD2 'Contemporary British Clarinet Music’.

Shadow Portraits

Jonathan Middleton – piano
Recorded at ASC Recording, December 1996. Engineered by Jeremy Pike and Stephen Plews. Produced by David Golightly, Jeremy Pike and Stephen Plews. Executive producer David Golightly. Originally released on ASC CS CD1 'Contemporary British Piano Music’.

Piano sonata no 1

John McCabe – piano
Recorded at ASC Recording, January 1998. Engineered by Stephen Plews. Post-production by Richard Scott. Produced by Stephen Plews. Originally released on ASC CS CD3 'Contemporary British Piano Music Volume 2’.

Symphony No 1 and 3 Sea Scapes

City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Gavin Sutherland
Recorded 28-30.08.00. Engineer Anthony Askew. Editing and mastering Richard Scott and David Ellis. Produced by Philip Lane. Executive producer Stephen Plews. Originally released on ASC CS CD38 ’Symphony No 1 – 3 Sea Scapes’.

A Weardale Portrait

Stanhope Silver Band, conductor David Golightly
Recorded at ASC Recording 5th and 6th September, 1998. Recording supervision Richard Scott. Recording assistant Stephen Warner. Produced by Steve Robson. Executive producer Stephen Plews. Originally released on SSB CD 001 ‘A Weardale Portrait’.

You can read the sleeve notes from this CD on the Prima Facie blog, Recitative.

David Golightly

David Golightly
David F. Golightly (1948-2018) studied composition with Richard Steinitz at Huddersfield University. He was born in Co Durham in 1948. A number of his compositions have been commissioned by eminent performers, including “Moods” for Roger Heaton, and “Rites of Passage” and “The St Petersburg Mass” for The Soglasie Male Voice Choir of St Petersburg” (premiered in 1994, at the State Capella Hall, St Petersburg). His music has been performed as far afield as America, Germany, Poland and Russia. To add to his credits, David was also acclaimed for the Baroque arrangements for the Rumanian opera singer Inessa Galante on her CD “Arietta”. Important premieres, recordings and commissions included the “Piano Trio" (Fenice Trio Recording), "Concerto for Strings" (Kiev Philharmonic CD recording ERM masterworks series, released June 2006), “Second Symphony” (dedicated to Serge Inkov Choral master Kirov (premiered 2006 St Petersburg Russia), Symphony No 1 ('The Middlesbrough', premiered by Royal Northern Sinfonia in Middlesbrough, September 2011), and "Housman settings for Mezzo Soprano and Piano" (premiered in New York, in 2011 – Emily Cobley Mezzo Soprano, Beth Levin Piano).

David was chairman of The North-West Composers’ Association, and a director of the British Academy. In addition, he was also one of the classical representatives for the PRS Advisory Group established to assist the company review its public performance and broadcast policy. This double CD is a celebration of the life and music of David, who died in 2018.