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Postcards from Oslo (PFCD071) £12.50

Dan Styffe double bass

"... beautifully recorded and is a wonderful representation of this great artist’s bass playing" Jason Heath, Double Bass blog

Reflections: Simón García
Polar Lights: Simón García
The Intelligent Hand: John Alexander
Dan ́s Ballade: Teppo Hauta-aho
Hällristningsområdet 1 Den sörjande kvinnan (The Grieving Woman): Sadie Harrison
Hällristningsområdet 2 Tjugonio bollar: identifiera juggler tid (29 Balls: identifying the juggler of time): Sadie Harrison
Hällristningsområdet 3 Askande rullande solen (Lovers rolling the sun): Sadie Harrison
Hällristningsområdet 4 Diskursiva relationer mellan skepp och fotsulor: (Discursive relationship between ships and footsoles): Sadie Harrison
5 Pieces 1: Terje Viken
5 Pieces 2: Terje Viken
5 Pieces 3: Terje Viken
5 Pieces 4: Terje Viken
5 Pieces 5: Terje Viken
Coltrane: Steve Plews
Sonata for Solo Bass allegro: Bernard Salles
Sonata for Solo Bass lento: Bernard Salles
Sonata for Solo Bass presto: Bernard Salles
Sonatina for Solo Bass pastorale: Marcus Paus
Sonatina for Solo Bass blues: Marcus Paus
Sonatina for Solo Bass postlude: Marcus Paus
Les Voix Humaines (Pièces de Viole): Marin Marais

This is a collection of new and existing compositions for solo double bass, the second CD in a series of recordings featuring the instrument. The first, 'Postcards from Prague' (PFCD049), featured David Heyes.

The project was energised by Prima Facie producer Steve Plews and he says “I first met Dan Styffe in 2005 when we recorded a concerto for two double basses by Kevin Malone (my friend David Heyes was the other bassist). I stayed in touch with Dan and composed a couple of pieces for him. I had always admired his sound. I like the way that as a classical bassist he has a very musical feel, more like that of a jazz musician, so that, whilst he has an impeccable sense of time, the sound he projects doesn’t feel as rigid as some players. We decided to put a collection of new compositions together by composers from around the world who had an interest in solo bass. The composers featured are Simon Garcia, John Alexander, Teppo Hauta-aho, Sadie Harrison, Terje Viken, Marcus Paus, Bernard Salles and the baroque composer Marin Marais; there is also one of my pieces, 'Coltrane'."

Dan Styffe

Dan Styffe
Born in Sweden, Dan Styffe has based most of his professional life in Norway. He studied with Göran Nyberg, Knut Guettler and Gary Karr; he served one year as Gary Karr ́s Assistant. His first professional job was Principal Bass in The Norwegian Opera Orchestra, followed by Principal Bass in The Norwegian Chamber Orchestra. He is now Co-Principal in The Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra. Styffe is also Professor of double bass at The Norwegian Academy of Music and at Barratt Due ́s Institute of Music, Oslo. He has a successful career as soloist / chamber musician and this is his 7th solo CD. He appears regularly at international festivals and Conventions and often serves on juries at international solo competitions. He plays a Gasparo da Saló bass owned by the foundation Dextra Musica/Sparebankstiftelsen DNB. Dextra Musica has invested in fine old Italian string instruments and lends them to talented Norwegian musicians.