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Shadow Journey (PFCD036)

21st Century Music for Harpsichord


Alessandro Ponti: In Fuga da Verona - Maggie Cole, harpsichord
Patrick John Jones: Santoor Suite - Mahan Esfahani, harpsichord
Aled Smith: Box Toccata - Goska Isphording, harpsichord
Ivan Božičević: Summer in the World - Elaine Funaro, harpsichord
Gavin Wayte: Hot to Trot Love Bot - Elaine Funaro, harpsichord
Enno Kastens: Schattenreise - Penelope Cave, harpsichord
Jung Sun Kang: Stick Boy and Match Girl in Love - Jane Chapman, harpsichord
Junghae Lee: Improvisation sur les Ondes Chromatiques - Christoph Kaufmann, harpsichord
Thomas Donahue: Five Shapes - Elaine Funaro, harpsichord
Jürgen Kraus: The Ascent of the K517 - Jane Chapman, harpsichord
Satoru Ikeda: Prism - Jane Chapman, harpsichord
Larry Goves: Island surveys (1) - Jane Chapman, harpsichord
Rob Keeley: Two-Part Inventions Nos 6 and 7 - Mahan Esfahani, harpsichord
Gary Carpenter: Fin de Siècle - Goska Isphording - harpsichord

Shadow Journey

"This landmark recording is a showcase, not only of new and remarkably diverse works for harpsichord, but also of an unprecedented assembly of renowned harpsichordists whose credentials for premièring these works are unparalleled. Most notably, the music on this disc is the culmination of a ground-breaking event: the first international composition competition for harpsichord to be run in Britain, launched in 2012 by the British Harpsichord Society to mark the tenth anniversary of its founding. Over ninety entries from 18 countries were adjudicated over two rounds, producing a shortlist of solo works which admirably demonstrated the qualities sought by the competition: professionalism, integrity and the ability to say something new and exciting about the harpsichord. The first, second and joint-third prize compositions are joined on this disc by seven other competition entries, along with works by the adjudication panel members, comprising a programme of fourteen première recordings. Here then is truly inventive music of our time for an instrument whose historical associations often bely its contemporary relevance: music to challenge and inspire the listener as well as to engage and excite the growing number of harpsichordists who are incorporating contemporary music into their programmes." Pamela Nash

"Produced by Pamela Nash and Steve Plews, "Shadow Journey", a rich sample of new harpsichord works, is sure to interest harpsichord - and contemporary music aficionados. The recording's sound quality is engaging, bright and alive. " Pamela Hickman, Harpsichord & Fortepiano magazine (available from, Autumn 2018.

British Harpsichord Society

Philip Grange
The British Harpsichord Society promotes awareness, enjoyment, study, playing and ownership of harpsichords and related plucked keyboard instruments (such as the spinet and virginals) in Britain. Its aim is to create more public awareness and encourage more people to enjoy and play the harpsichord.